Sew Me Crazy Creations & Boutique

My Touch - Your Style

Dress Shabbily, And They Remember The Dress, Dress Impeccably, And They Remember The Woman.
— Coco Chanel

The Beginning

Sew Me Crazy Creations & Boutique has been a mere thought for a few years. The only other person in my family that sews was my late grandmother "Helen Woods". So I credit her for leaving me with this passion burning inside of me. 

 I continued feeding this passion more and more. Taking classes and trial and error; learning everything I could possibly wrap my brain around to feed my  new enjoyment. A lot of it, I feel came naturally or maybe it was given to me, because every time I sew I feel my grandmother's presence.

Getting a Vision

After continually feeding my hobby and picking up a few commissioned projects, I finally said to myself "This is it!" I really enjoy doing this type of work. Creating and designing and actually bringing a customer's vision to life. If you know me, then you know im a "Great Starter".  Once I have a vision I'LL hit the ground running full speed ahead. I decided to open up a small boutique in downtown Douglasville and an online store at the same time. To this day it's continuing to grow. Thanks sew much for your support. 

On My Path

You can catch me around town attending local events and festivals. I occasionally hold pop up shops to display my latest pieces. However, I'm no one trick pony so stay tuned for different lines of fashion from me. Follow me on Instagram to see what will be posted next on the website.